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Apr 23 2015

The Dead Fish

The Dead Fish

In this cartoon a group of fish are worshiping their god, the “Mighty Hand”, divine bringer of food from the heavens and scraper of algae from the sides of their rectangular world, by engaging in the ritual sacrifice of a young goldfish as a gift for his holiness. The aquarium owner, being completely unaware of the micro-religion taking place in his living room, is naturally both shocked and upset that the beautiful and expensive fish he’s trying so hard to to take care of are constantly found floating belly up with little X’s over their eyes.
About This Cartoon: I’ve owned a lot of aquariums over the years and I’ve always tended to see the aquarium as a metaphor of our lives and the culture of self-contained ideas we’re all born into, because it’s from here that we get our language, our beliefs, our nationalism and our religion, and it’s very rare that we learn to venture outside these teachings and the often limited perspective we’re brought up in.

The fish in this cartoon see the man as god, and from their narrow experience felt compelled to construct a religion around his presence in order to give their lives hope and meaning. And of course, like so many religions, they also managed to twist things around and toss out common sense in the name of worshiping their “heavenly father”. The man, of course, is doing everything he can to make them happy and yet despite all his efforts, he keeps ending up with dead fish. Is this how God feels about us at this point? Has He given up on us as I eventually did with most of my aquariums? What’s your opinion?

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