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Jun 08 2011

No One Really Knows

There’s so much I’ll never know

‘Til the day I die.

If you claim you know the way

Then you’re more lost than I.

There’s so many paths to choose from

Which way should I go?

No one here to guide me

‘Cause no one really knows.

Jul 28 2010

Where Are My Keys (An Ode To Getting Older)

Where Are My Keys - An Ode To Getting Older

Where are my keys?

Where are my keys?

I had them here

Just a moment before.

Where are my keys?

Where are my keys!?

Just as I’m ready to

Run out the door.

Where are my keys!!?

Where are my…oh, wait!

Here are my keys!

I found my keys.

Now…what did I need them for?? Wink

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