While I do have a small collection of funny stories, cartoons, poems and various other things that’ve been taking up space on my hard drive for years, I’m really starting this blog out of one basic need – to make a living. Or more specifically, to drive people to my website Inside Out T-Shirts & Gifts (the first of many shameless plugs) where I sell my own original funny designs and slogans on t-shirts, mugs, hats and various other gift items, as well as some pop culture-related designs that people seem to enjoy. I also have several other gift shops that can be found on the right sidebar under “Store Links”.

After getting a few emails asking if my shirts were actually printed inside out (since there are some companies that do that…on purpose…) I realized there may be some confusion as to the meaning of the name and its intended representation of what I was in fact selling on my website. Okay, in all honesty I really only got one email, but it was enough to make me think that I have to offer an explanation.

So, for the record, the t-shirts I sell through my shops are printed the regular way with the tag (or tagless marking) on the inside of the shirt, although I imagine they could be turned inside out and worn that way if one so desired. “Inside Out”, as I intended it, mostly refers to my sense of humor and the unique way I have of looking at things, which usually involves taking an idea or concept and examining it from all angles, breaking it apart, turning it inside out, putting it back together, holding it up to the light and looking for something funny or amusing that people might like.

There’s another reason I called my shop Inside Out though, and it was because of some cartoons I did years ago that were in the same genre as “The Far Side” cartoons that I grew up with, although because I have virtually no drawing skills I had to turn my ideas into cartoons using clip art, which by its nature could take weeks or even months to complete and, licensing issues aside, I wasn’t sure I could ever really market them because of how much work was involved in producing just one. So consequently they’ve just been sitting around gathering dust until I bring them out on occasion for the amusement of others. I originally called them Bits ‘N Pieces because of how they were put together, but Inside Out is what I figured I’d call them eventually. So when I turned towards t-shirt design, which is something I’d always wanted to do because of a modest talent I have for wordplay and clever slogans, I just naturally chose “Inside Out” as the shop name.

Okay, so how exactly did I get into the t-shirt business? Well, it was all because of an online company called Cafepress. I’ll explain my relationship with this company in a moment, but first I just want to say that I’m writing this part with a clenched fist (which ain’t easy) because Cafepress is a company that had a good thing going but decided to ruin it with a series of incredibly stupid business decisions that culminated in the near-ruination of the 6.5 million artists and entrepreneurs who originally made them successful and relied on them for their livable income. Now having said that, I’ll return to the story.

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