In this cartoon, we have a computer with a Jewish Motherboard that’s been overclocked to run faster and of course hotter as a result, apparently activating the “Jewish Mother Guilt Trip Chip” (Hillel Inside?) which in turn causes the computer to sob in a pathetic voice of utter martydom “Sure, go ahead, overclock me. See if I care. No no, don’t worry about my health. I’ll just sit here in the corner and slowly die from the heat…”
About this cartoon: Anyone raised in a Jewish household understands all too well the power of guilt, especially when wielded by the mother or grandmother upon family members, guests or unsuspecting neighbors. However, the true art in using guilt to manipulate others lies in its indirect usage, such as in the Jewish joke, how many Jewish Mothers does it take to change a light bulb? The answer? “Honestly, nobody needs to worry themselves, I’ll just sit here in the dark…” Alright Mom, I’ll fix the light! Geez, even Superman would be powerless.
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