In this visionary cartoon of a still distant future, we have a gentleman wearing virtual reality goggles winning his first “virtual fencing” match with his computer (or game console) by skewering the monitor with his sword, thus destroying the monitor and setting it, and himself, on fire. A noble yet no doubt painful victory.
About this cartoon: I did this cartoon well over a decade ago, which is obvious by the 386 machine sitting flat on the desk and the non-wireless goggles that are plugged into the back. Nintendo Wii has some fencing games available that use the hand controllers as swords on the screen, but it would seem that the type of virtual reality, where the player is fully immersed “Matrix-style” in the scene like I envisioned above, is still probably another decade away. Of course that may or may not be such a bad thing since “real” virtual reality, when it’s fully developed and made affordable, will probably be the end of society as we know it. The reason? Two words – “Virtual Sex“. When that arrives you’ll have to pry people away from their computer with a crowbar.

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