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May 16 2011

La Cucaracha

There’s a construction site across the street from me where they’ve starting putting up some new apartment buildings. Yeah, who needed that empty lot with all those annoying fruit trees anyways. So now, every day, twice a day, like clockwork, a catering truck drives by my apartment as it heads towards the site to feed all those hungry construction workers. How do I know when he drives by? Because to announce his arrival to the entire neighborhood, the driver blasts on his musical horn an obnoxious, sped-up version of everyone’s favorite tune, “La Cucaracha”. Yes, “The Cockroach”.

Because really, what better way to let everyone know you’ve arrived in your mobile food wagon than to play a song about the most vile, disgusting insect on the planet. Mmm boy, give me one of those roast beef sandwiches before it crawls away. Why doesn’t he just shout out the window “Botulism! Salmonella! Get it while it’s room temperature! Your death-on-wheels food service is here! We got stomach pumps in the back! Hey, no pushing!!”

Oct 12 2010

Funny Human Cockroach Evolution Chart T-Shirts & Gifts

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Funny Human Evolution Chart

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Most of us are familiar with the Human evolution charts that show a small, chimp-like creature on the far left gradually turning into an ape, then a Neanderthal carrying a stone tool, on up to modern Homo Sapien usually holding a spear or some other weapon. Lately though, these same charts have become a popular form of parody, with some very funny designs showing the lead guy turning around and shouting “Stop Following Me!” to the other characters behind him, while others show man evolving from a chimp into a soccer player, a golfer, a Zombie, etc.

This design is an extension of that idea, only in typical Inside Out fashion I decided to twist it around a little farther to produce this slightly disturbing post-atomic evolutionary chart showing cockroaches as the new dominant species of the planet. Because it’s rumored that cockroaches are the only creatures that could actually survive an all-out nuclear war, it only makes sense that in a world devoid of humans, roaches could evolve into walking, talking, thinking creatures that might someday rule the earth. Well, at least until they developed nuclear weapons and destroyed themselves of course.

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