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Aug 07 2010

Coexist with Respect

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Coexist with Respect

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This original design was inspired by the very popular bumper sticker that uses various symbols to spell out the word “Coexist” by using the same concept to produce what I think is an even deeper message.

Warning! Sappy liberal idealism ahead – Proceed with caution! Wink

Respect is at the heart of every religion & philosophy that people live by and have lived by throughout the ages, be it Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, or one of the many ideologies that we subscribe to as humans, because it’s truly the only way we can get along and learn to live side by side without wringing each others necks. Respect for one’s self and respect for the basic rights of others, it’s really not that hard, but why is it that with so much religion and so many followers of those religions that our world is on the brink of self-destruction? more…

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If everyone simply incorporated this one word, Respect, into their daily lives and lived by its true meaning, then the ability to Coexist could someday be more than just a clever design on a bumper sticker. But it takes 100% participation for that to work, so the best place to start is within. As you go through your day, ask yourself this simple question; is what I’m about to say or do going to hurt another or violate their basic rights? If the answer is “yes”, then don’t do it.

Coexist with Respect

In this design, I used the Earth in the letter “R”, the female symbol for the first “e”, the yin yang symbol for the “s”, the peace sign for the “p”, the male symbol for the second “e”, the Muslim crescent with the Jewish star in the center for the “c”, followed by the Christian cross for the “t”. Symbolically, it could be translated as “Respect, for Earth and the people of Earth, with peace and harmony between men and women of all religions”

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