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Jul 25 2010

Support Your Local Police

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Support Your Local Police (Leave Fingerprints)

Support Your Local Police (Leave Fingerprints) T-shirts, Posters, Gifts & More…

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Police have a pretty hard job, so if you’re gonna commit a crime be sure to leave some evidence behind to make their lives a little easier. Fingerprints, DNA samples, whatever. Consider it good karma. They may actually thank you while beating you senseless. Eek!

This design is available on T-shirts, Bumper Stickers, Buttons & more. Look for the poster (below) in a police station scene in the upcoming horror film, Scream 4, due out in October 2010.

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Police Trouble and Situations – 7 Tips on How to Deal With It

By James Dazouloute

Article Source:

Dear reader, what do you do if you are pulled over by the police?; or you are being served with a warrant at your home or place of business, (guilty or not), and or Department of children and family is attempting to remove your children from your home because someone called them and made false allegations of abuse. What do you do?, and What are the best ways to deal with the police in these situations?. Well I am so glad you ask, because I am about to share with you the best 7 tips on how to deal with the police at anytime; and that, beloved, will keep you stress free and out of harm ‘ s way and prevent you from having your rights violated and getting arrested.

1. During any situation with the police, first and always, be as courteous and as respectful as you possibly can when dealing with the police. Remember they are already on edge and always stressed from dealing with criminals during the shift. So even when they are rude, you stay courteous and respectful and calm. You can always file a complaint tomorrow with internal affairs, but right then and there they have full control and the law is on their side.

2. Do not try to get out of your car if the police is in his car running your license and tag; stay in the car, because if you start walking toward him, he will get nervous not knowing your intentions, and that will in most cases get you padded down or thrown to the ground, and even have a gun drawn on you. Always stay calm and collected.

3.Third tip on how to deal with police trouble and situations is: do not under any circumstances get into an exchange with the officer about what you think and know the law says. Remember nobody likes their ego bruised, so the less you say, the better and more profitable it will be for you in court when your attorney can have a field day with the police department; and remember the police usually have a camera mounted on the front of their windshield to make them look good and make you look bad. So if you think he still is gravely mistaken, then you should right then and there call your attorney and have him advise you. If you do not then you should have one on standby.

4. Fourth tip on dealing with police troubles. Never, ever, run from the police; even if you have a suspended license or have been drinking. If you run you just added about 4 or 5 charges extra. Instead remain calm, even if he takes you in you will be out in a few hours and then get a court date. Keep it simple and let your life of freedom stay open. Attorneys are there to serve you just like the police, one to put you in jail and one to get you out, so remember that.

5. This fifth tip is for your safety. When the police pull you over at night, never go to a dark spot if you can avoid it, because you never know at night if it is really the police or an impostor trying to rob you or kidnap you. So Try to pull over under a light pole, or get off the next exit if it is near to the corner gas station where others can see you and witness what is going on.

6. This sixth tip on police situations has to do with when the police comes over to serve you with a warrant, or comes to take your child away. Do not panic or start to physically or verbally abuse the officer. You will only multiply the charges or the situation. Remain calm and advise them you need to call your attorney right away and do so, do not worry if you do not have one I will show how to later on for very little. At this time you need to be intelligent as you have been known to be, so crying, pleading, cussing, yelling, abusing and fighting is not intelligent.

7. Seventh tip in dealing with the police: if the police stops you and start asking you questions beyond your license, registration and insurance; then you should stop him right there and request as politely as you can that he allows you to call your attorney right then and there no matter where you are or what time it is. He cannot deny you that. Before you say anything you should consult with your attorney and even ask the officer to speak to your attorney and inform him of his intentions about you.

Of course for you to call your attorney at 2 am, you first will have to have one on retainer, or be rich. And if you do not, then there is a service out there that will give you 24 hour access to an attorney who you can call and talk to whenever in your area. I believe in that service so much that I myself have used them a few times and have decided to join them as a partner. I tested it myself before I can recommend it to you and believe me it works super. Go right now and visit that site to explore all their information and services to you for less than a bottle of water a day. Do not be a victim of legal situations.

Authored by: Dr. James Dazouloute

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